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Hello, we are Heather and Whitney, The Rookie Moms. We recommend outings, share experiences, provide tips, and encourage moms to try new things – with their babies in tow. Do you want to reach our super smart readers with your product or service? Okay then. is dedicated to helping new moms have more fun in their first years of motherhood and we are always keen to share helpful products and services, especially if its the kind of awesome thing we’d want to tell our best friends about. serves about 200k pageviews each month.

We authored The Rookie Mom’s Handbook in May of 2008 and Stuff Every Mom Should Know (March 2012), both non-fiction books published by Quirk Books.

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Sponsored content. Rookie Moms publishes several content series throughout the year (such as Twins Week). For an integrated program with sponsored content, email, and social media amplification, we’re happy to partner to create something special.

Product giveaways. If we agree that your product is a good fit for our audience (Like would we want it ourselves? Is the prize about $150 in value?), we’d love to share it with them. We’ll write one post including images; amplify on facebook and twitter; send a newsletter blast; and select a random winner. You provide prize fulfillment. We charge an administrative fee.

For more info or to get started on a customized program or giveaway, email reviews [at]

We do our best to be completely transparent with our readers so they know they can trust us. That means no sneaky text ads among other things.

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