A few thoughts on family holiday cards

As I documented last year, I am a bit obsessed with family holiday cards. (See the ones I actually sent out in 2011.) I love receiving them, so I feel obligated to send them.

This isn’t an obligation I resent, actually. I look forward to selecting them and mailing them out. I realize MANY people dread it, and maybe resent the task, the expense, or the whole tradition. I hear that.

Now onto the trendy card ogling.

Although there are so many lovely designs on TinyPrints, Paper Culture, Minted, and other modern greeting card websites, note that Hallmark now offers the same service with designs that are just as cute. (I saw a preview of them at a blogging conference, and I was impressed.) Now you have four sites to suck up the rest of your evening.

I shopped on Minted for a while because they make it really easy. You upload your photo and then you can quickly see all their layouts with your photo in place. Ultimately, however, I chose this one from TinyPrints.

This was not the only card that I noticed making use of a washi-tape look. I’ll venture to say you’ll see colorful, printed tape a few times in your mailbox this year. (What is washi tape?)

One tempting style that I noticed in several places is the Year in Review approach.

year in review from tiny prints

happy highlights” from tiny prints

iconic year” from tiny prints

 The traditional long, typed year-end letter has been turned upside down with some clever typeface treatments. You no longer need to come up with a paragraph about each family member. Just a few key metrics, and you’ll have your own personalized infographic to send across the country.

family infographic

year in a nutshell” on minted

year in review holiday card

family year in review” on minted

What do you think?

If you want to jump on this trend, but are coming up short on facts to share about your family because you did not adopt a dog or change jobs this year, I’ve brainstormed a few ideas for you, some more relevant than others depending on the age of your child(ren):

  • Number of full nights of sleep
  • Longest nap on record
  • Number of bottles washed/diapers changed
  • Number of baby teeth erupted
  • Number of date nights the new parents have had
  • Hours logged at park or playground
  • Greatest consecutive number of steps taken
  • Number of airline flights survived by parents
  • Boxes of Mac + Cheese prepared
  • Teeth lost/tooth fairy visits

Is this too much work? Are you overwhelmed? Does sending cards make you happy or bum you out?

note: we are affiliates of tiny prints and minted and shop there ourselves.