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Is a joint birthday party a good idea?

Fourth birthday party tips

An influential force in the village that is helping me raise my children is our preschool community, a quirky, community-minded cohort of families. For example: each eldest class in the school nominates a name for themselves, and Sawyer is a proud member of the Rainbow Penguins (#howberkeleycanyoube). This weekend, we co-hosted a fourth birthday party with […]

Star Wars birthday party ideas on a budget

Princess Leia Star Wars Birthday Party

What’s the difference between a third child and a first child? The first child has a “Star Wars fourth birthday party” and he’s never seen Star Wars. The third child can hum along the Clone Wars theme song before he can even speak. With a new Star Wars movie on the horizon and Clone Wars […]

Eight years already?


Dear Julian, When you arrived eight years ago, at the end of a rainy October, days before a high-stakes Presidential election, we had no idea who you were. A healthy boy, eight pounds exactly, with a bit of dark hair. That was all the information we had. Before you were born and afterward, I read […]

Milo hearts Sawyer: A love story


Big changes are happening at my house. Milo has started kindergarten. He is now attending the same elementary school as his big brother, so it might seem like a non-issue, but allow me to rewind a bit. Before Sawyer started daycare, I was a little sad and made a pouty face whenever I thought about […]

Tell them what you like about them


Last weekend in New York City, I had the unexpected pleasure of seeing two of my best friends from Kindergarten. These women, now 40, are like home to me.  Although we did not interact between third grade and now, the level of comfort I felt being with them exceeded my expectations. {Pretend I have inserted […]

Declaring our Interdependence


When I was a single twenty-something, I turned July Fourth into my own personal holiday from which to declare independence from all the bad boyfriends and experiences that I had moved past. I gathered my friends together and Thanksgiving-style asked everyone to share what they were independent from. Then, we’d drink a toast to the […]