99 balloons and 99 poops (Yet, another potty training experiment)

Like many new toilet trainees, my son mastered the art of #2 a few months after he mastered #1. Even though my rational mind told me that more patience is required, my eager-to-stop-cleaning-poopy-pull-ups mind determined that MORE BRIBING is the answer. At the time, I believed that I hit the jackpot in terms of bribery.

Potty training bribes

I purchased blik wall decals for both of my kids rooms, and they are totally adorable. Julian’s bedroom took a long time to finish, even though applying the decals is as easy as putting stickers on a flat surface. And that is because the set of stickers I bought for him was made up of 99 red balloons and we applied one balloon every time he successfully, er, makes a deposit in the toilet. At the time, he was thrilled with his balloon wall and showed it to everyone who comes to our house. All eight apple-red balloons, each one representing a victory in the life of a preschooler.

The balloon set comes in seven different candy colors and comes with grey strings. They look totally adorable on his sky blue walls, and now, years after his potty habits were cemented, they are still fitting for a 9-year old’s room.

Blik also makes robot stickers that Heather used in her boys’ robot-themed bedroom.