5 clever diaper drive ideas

1. Benefit concert. Ok, I don’t really expect you to do something as totally awesome as Jenny, but holy event planning! She held a concert where local (to her) bands played and attendees donated diapers to her local food bank. The flyers for the show displayed a baby holding drumsticks and the tshirts (above) read “diaper overdrive”.

Look at the haul! She is my idol.
2. Garage sale meets diaper drive. Carolyn of SmartyPantsMama.com said “Through my advertising in the paper, on flyers posted around the neighborhood and online venues, I invited those who came after my treasures to bring a pack of diapers!  I also had a large jar set out titled Dollars for Diapers.”
3. Mom’s group meet-ups. My own mom’s group was totally supportive of my diaper drive and when we met for cocktails one night, the ladies handed over diapers and cash. My husband had noticed some diaper coupons in the mail and set them aside. When I came home with cash, he headed to the store with the coupons and brought home more dipes.
4. Virtual diaper drive. If you believe that your most enthusiastic donors are the friends and family who don’t live near you, do a long distance diaper drive. Use an Amazon wish list as the landing spot and send the link to your whole email list. Post it on your Facebook page. Repeat weekly for four weeks. (No, you are not bothering people — you are giving them an opportunity to do something they will WANT to do.) Sarah is using her blog to have a virtual diaper drive right now!
5. Preschool diaper drive. Act now, guys. Don’t wait until November when canned food drives and holiday activities dominate the time and energy of your fellow daycare parents. Set up a bin near the door of your preschool and put notices on the bulletin board, in the newsletters, and on the front door. Since folks show up multiple times per week, you have a great chance of helping them remember to donate.

Do you have any other ideas for helping to cover Every Little Bottom?

Note that as ambassadors for the Huggies campaign dedicated to raising awareness of diaper need, Heather and I are posting about this cause twice each month. Still, all the brilliant ideas we share come from the heart, and we would be completely thrilled if you hosted a diaper drive.