You’ll totally wear that again: cool (little) dude jackets

Caitlin from Pacifier in my Pocket sent us these pictures of her boy in his very versatile Halloween-or-any-other-fall-day outfits. In fact, she said he wore these jackets throughout the year, which makes buying such a jacket a brilliant choice.

Biker jacket sources: If you would like your little one to be a greaser or a Hell’s Angel, consider a Harley Davidson branded costume or a more splurgey biker-style jacket that can be worn all winter long. The one below is from

Another look from Caitlin’s little man: The Aviator. She got this jacket at a consignment sale for $10 and he wore it to a Halloween party at their local zoo, and for a long time afterward.

A quick search brought me to this one which comes in 3T and 4T. Again, it ain’t cheap, but it doesn’t need to be banished to the dress-up box after Halloween.


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Reusable toddler train engineer costume from me, on

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