You’ll totally wear that again: 15 costumes your toddler can sleep in

The 2014 version of this post has jammies you can actually buy: Toddler Halloween Costumes from Pajamas.
15 easy costumes made from pajamas

If you’re looking for adorable costumes that totally give you your money’s worth, let me turn your attention to PAJAMAS! What else is comfy, cute, and wearable all year round? The pajamas pictured above were from last year at Gap and they’re not for sale this year (bummer!). Here are 15 other ideas for you:

Ballerina. Just add a tutu to these simple ballerina jammies from Old Navy. Only $12.

Ballerina and 8 other pajama costume ideas for little kids

Bumble Bee. Pick up these Leveret Black & Yellow Striped Jammies for only $12 on amazon. Pair with wings and bobbly headband (which will be a costume-box mainstay for years!).

Bumble bee + 10 other pajama costumes for tots

Clown. Julian was a clown in pajamas like these silly multi-colored ones from Leveret. Just add a silly wig and a jumbo collar to any set of colorful pajamas. Perfect for a toddler on up through a grade schooler. See the quick clown collar tutorial.

Multi-colored stripes are a great base for a clown costume + 8 other costume ideas

Skeleton. Our go-to pajama-based costume is this skeleton from Carter’s. Only $10, it never goes out of style. Not only have all five of our toddlers worn this costume, but my family’s Halloween zombie decoration wore it last year, too.

Baby costumes in pajamas - skeleton!

Batman.  Done and done. Just add nothing and you’re good to go, or pair with a wicked cool mask and cape. I hated these Superman pajamas when Holden picked them out but I loved them as the simplest costume ever. Sorry, girls, the Wonder Woman costumes are all skanky!

Batman pajamas are a very easy costume + 8 more ideas

Scary ghost. Boo! For about $20, your kiddo can wear these Chevron-face ghoul pajamas until you get tired of this cute face.

Cute but scary ghost pajamas + 8 other pajama costumes

Christmas Elf. These elf longjohn jammies by Hanna Andersson (organic cotton) double for holiday use. For $42, they ain’t cheap but they will last forever. Julian was Santa Claus one year and this woulda been great if his sister wanted to match. (Old Navy has Santa version of these for less than $20!)

Christmas elf and other costumes made from jammies

Blackjack dealer. Formal tux with skull details lend themselves to many clever costume ideas. See our bald baby costume ideas for how to pull off Daddy Warbucks or Mr. Monopoly.

Tuxedo jammies for toddlers + 8 other pj based costumes

Army officer. These military uniform pajamas are formal without being stuffy. About $25.

Army uniform + 8 other pajamas-based costumes for kids

Turtle. This turtle in pajama form is naked so you should find a decent backpack to form the shell (something like this but don’t pay $34) and you’re ready for action.

Turtle pajamas + 8 other terrific PJ costume ideas

Speckle spotted, polka-dotted animal. What do you guys think? This pajama set seems like an animal print to me. Put some kitty ears and leave the house? Other near-animal-costumes include this tiger.

Dalmation jammies + 8 other pajama costumes

DJ. For the hip but casual preschooler, these DJ pjs by Old Navy are hilarious. I mean hella tight. About $25. Mic drop and I’m out.

DJ pajamas + 9 more pajama costumes

The 2014 version of this post has jammies you can actually buy: Toddler Halloween Costumes from Pajamas.

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