Worth reading: Getting your sh*t together

On my desk is a pile of papers that includes a will, drafted five years ago, that documents what should become of my children and my assets in the event of my death. There’s one for my husband, too. We took some of the important steps: decided who should take the children, notified all the grandparents of our decision, used templates from a piece of software called WillMaker, and filled them out.  I even printed multiple copies.

Can I cross this task off my list?

No, I cannot. The documents have not yet been signed by me and my husband, simply because they require a witness signature as well, and we just have not made that happen.  For five years.

Do you have your shit together?

No? I bet you have a good reason. Like maybe you ran out of printer ink.

Well, most of us don’t have it together, and this month, writer/mom Katy Rank Lev has an article in Bust magazine about the subject. Katy suggests having a “Get Your Shit Together” party as a way to peer pressure yourself into responsible adulthood.  Invite a notary and a bunch of friends. Truly brilliant, right? Read Katy’s blog post on her own site >


If you read Stuff Every Mom Should Know and were lead to believe that I have my own Very Important Papers organized and filed, I apologize for misrepresenting myself.