Work backward through your clothes

I just read this tip in the cute book Mama Knows Breast: A Beginners Guide to Breastfeeding:

What you wore on your way up the scale, wear on your way back down.

It sounds simple enough, but if you’re still pregnant, do yourself a huge favor and store all your maternity clothes in reverse order with your smallest pants and tiniest tops on the bottom of a very large pile (or wedged in the top or back of your closet where your pregnant self can no longer reach) — and your much more ample clothes in easy reach.

I hope we’re not the first to tell you that you won’t come home from the hospital in your favorite old jeans. Plan to be wearing about five-or-six-month pregnant clothes for a little while and you won’t be too disappointed.

I did not do this and, consequently, as I get smaller, I’m still struggling with nothing to wear much as I did on the way up. At this point, my shirts are either baggy or half-shirts. Grrrrrr.

So to this chick pictured below, there’s still time for you to work your wardrobe in reverse!!

Rookie Moms tip: work backwards through your maternity clothes