Wittlebee, a win-win-win clothing solution

When Wittlebee, a kids’ clothing service, offered me the chance to try a box of their clothes, I gratefully accepted. I had been curious about it since Whitney had such good luck with her picky five-year old daughter. Based on your individual needs, they stuff a box full of name brand kid clothes and mail it to your home. You can continue on as a monthly subscriber or cancel anytime.

Since Sawyer inherited a LOT of hand-me-downs from his big brothers and our generous community, he didn’t neeeeed anything but I was excited to give him his own brand new stuff for a change. Every kid deserves a few special outfits, am I right?

Win. A monthly subscription is $39.99 and gets you some fabulous pieces that retail for much more individually. I received 6 items: 2 long-sleeve shirts, 1 short-sleeve shirt, 1 hoodie, and 2 pairs of pants. At forty bucks for 5 items of clothing, that’s less than $7 per piece (and much better stuff than you can usually buy for that price).

Win. I hate shopping and this saves me time in picking cute stuff without shlepping to any stores. I filled in a quick online style and preferences profile. I said I was open to little of everything except onesies. I specified in the notes that I want pants only with elasticky waistbands.

Wittlebee style profile: so smart!The package of adorable clothing arrived within a few business days.

Win. Now my sweet little boy has some brand new duds to call his own. (And he will be more than happy to share them with his little cousins when the time comes.)

Our wittlebee toddler box

When I showed the haul to big brothers, Holden and Milo, they were super excited for Sawyer to have his own stuff too. They each made a few picks of what Sawyer should wear on his first day as a preschool fashionisto. Milo lay his first choice out on the rug as a little man (including a threadless tee and some American Apparel sweats). It made me wish that Wittlebee came in their sizes, but right now, it’s just for little bro.

Both boys took turns making videos of what they liked best until the evening degenerated into a fit of giggles. Here’s a one minute video of brotherly fashion advice:

Given how filthy Sawyer gets at school, I think I’ll save the Appaman white hoodie (which retails between $20 and $50 by itself depending on where you shop!) for weekends.

Deal for you: If you are new to Wittlebee, you can save $10 on your first order with the code ROOKIE.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this review but my older sons were not. All opinions are our own.