Win a pack of potties

potty flip
When my old co-worker Doug told me about PottyFlip – a portable, disposable potty – I immediately thought about a situation I faced a few weeks prior. I was at the park with my kids, 1 and 4, and the older one had to use the toilet. Number two. We walked hastily over to the building with the public restroom, only to find that it was locked.

My son is not known for his early warnings when it comes to using the bathroom, so I was a little panicked. There happens to be a bunch of construction going on near this park, so I was able to quickly locate an outhouse. Gross. We made do, but it wasn’t my favorite toileting experience of the last year.

Having one of these babies in my car would have saved me from this stress. I’ll be interested to hear what you all think about it.

I’m giving away a 6-pack of these potties. Each one starts about the size of a VHS tape. Then it unfolds into a potty big enough and strong enough to hold a child’s booty – up to 75 pounds. The bag that lines it is bio-degradable as is the rest of the unit.