Why am I sobbing?

Is it because my mom just called me from the emergency room to tell me she had a bike accident and broke her pelvis? Is it because I’m going on vacation from my son for 48 hours this weekend and feel nervous about it? Is it because I peed all over my hand yesterday during my glucose test because I have no visiblity beyond my belly?

Or maybe because when I was getting my eyebrows waxed this morning, I suddenly felt hot wax on my upper lip, telling me that although I didn’t request it, the aesthetician assumed I wanted an upper lip waxing.

Or perhaps it’s that I’m terrified of childbirth and fear that my anxiety will be keeping me up at night for the next 90 days. Or maybe that my 2-year old son is refusing to get in the car, go down the stairs or do many of the things I ask without me carrying him.

I think that all these things just built up, and the call from my mom opened the floodgates. I really gotta let it out more often.