Who am I again?

Today is the last session of my second time moms’ group. Each of the women in the group has one or more kid at home and a new baby to contend with. I am like these women.

I joined them when Milo was a mere week old so all of the babies were older. Also interesting (to me anyway), Holden was the youngest of all the older siblings too. I felt like a freshman in a room full of upperclassmen. The facilitator asked how do we make sure to get “me” time and I sat there (stupefied and nursing) wondering what that even meant for me.

[Flash back 21 months ago to when I started a new moms’ group with baby Holden…]
I sat there with my four-week old son, completely insecure and in shock with a fairly high degree of certainty about Who I Was. I was (in no particular order):

  • a bossy big sister
  • a web producer
  • a 13-time triathlete
  • a new wife (honeymoon baby conceived on exotic vacation)
  • a person having survived a super-tough labor (44 hours, thank you very much)

[Flash forward again to that week, this baby…]
I don’t really know who I am. Do those same words define me? I went back to work part-time after having my first son and not exactly in the same field. I started a website (voila Rookiemoms.com) with my best friend to help other new moms find fun things to do. Heck, am I still even a rookie?

I don’t even know what I want to do if I get some “me” time. I hope I can learn something from these upperclassmen.