Activity #88: Whiteboard your baby’s innermost thoughts

We admired this adorable idea from blogger Jen Johnson on Pinterest.

Use a whiteboard for adorable baby "quotes". Idea from Jen Johnson.

What a cute way to capture and share baby news.

Keep in mind that her lighting is absolutely perfect and unless you live in a photography studio, yours might be less so. I’m not sure about the painted frame around the whiteboard. Looks like the baby is laying on it (ouch?), but I would just move my baby up so his whole body is laying on the board.


  • Keep color scheme of baby’s clothing and pen color simple
  • Find a glare-free spot in your home or a shady patch outdoors
  • Use a chalkboard instead like Heather did for these ultra cute pictures. (Um, Honey, can you install a chalkboard on our wall?)
  • Add the date so you can keep track of milestones, “I busted my swaddle open today!”

Investing in a huge whiteboard or chalkboard will pay off later. They are such fun things to have around the house. My children received a whiteboard (like this one) for Hanukkah and they love using it to draw and play school.

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