Where does your baby sleep on a trip?

Months ago, I wrote a post for the evenflo blog, Sleeping in a Nest or a Drawer, about how/where my kiddos sleep on vacation. My experience ranges from putting a little one in his car seat or pack n play to building cozy nests on the floor. We are just now graduating to sleeping in real beds when my kids are away from home.

From the article:

Believe me, anyone who weighs less than 15 lbs does not require a real bed. Newborns can sleep in their bucket-style infant car seats overnight. (Or not sleep, as the case may be.) I also like to give a little dose of infant massage right before bed in a strange place to really knock the baby out.

This post generated some fun ideas on our facebook page too: changing pad, bouncy seat, laundry basket, boppy…

Baby sleeping in boppy; photo by chimothy27

So, I’m curious, where does your baby sleep on a trip? Please also say how old because I know you’re not putting any three year-olds in a laundry basket!