What does your toddler LOVE to play with?

Does your small person have any hobbies? I want to know.

When parenting my first son, I thought all little boys were interested in trains (like really really obsessively so and they’d happily leave any playground to drive past one). Then his interests broadened to include diggers, all construction vehicles and LEGO. But not really sports, superheroes, or weapons. After living through three toddlers of the same flavor (BOY), I can better appreciate the subtlety of their interests.

Trainspotting in Berkeley

My second toddler son loved art and puzzles. With no particular encouragement on our part, we added art supplies to our fleet of vehicles and could not keep enough puzzles in the house.

Puzzling toddler

Our littlest guy, Sawyer, loves cars (will flip through the whole Trains book to find the one page with cars on it) and driving anything. He’s always asking if/when he can drive the minivan. For serious.

My motorcycle-riding toddler


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