What’s your baby name for the Other Gender?

Tomorrow I’ll be having some tests to determine our baby-to-be’s gender. I don’t know how soon we’ll get the results, but probably sometime in April. I’ve tried to avoid daydreaming about names until we know for sure. But, Whitney can attest to the fact that I’ve been earmarking “my third son’s name” for years now.

For my rookie baby, we didn’t find out. We kept gender — and all manner of realities about newborns — a total shock and surprise until his birth. We named that kid Holden. When I look back at the list I made of boy and girl names, there’s not a lot I can use from it.

We found out our second baby’s gender because I figured, if you’re going to stick a needle in my belly, you might as well tell me. Our second son didn’t get any of those original names because they were all too matchy-match with Holden (Holden and Nolan? Nah. Holden and Colin? Nuh uh.). We named our second boy Milo.

But those girls names? I guess they’re still on the short list. Sadie was our chief girls’ name contender.

What about you? Do you have a list of Other Gender names on stand-by? Any I can borrow?

[photos from flickr, blue ribbon by meaganjane and pink ribbon by linasmith]