What’s inside Giggle (sponsored)

Last time I was home (Los Angeles) for Thanksgiving, I had the chance to visit the Giggle store in person. Since we’ve been blogging for Giggle for over a year now, it was more exciting than stepping into just any well-designed baby store in Brentwood. My kids loved it too, because the space is so lovely, but I felt some sense of belonging, which is just plain weird because the folks behind the counter have no connection to the blog. They did not at all say, “There you are, Whitney! We’ve been hoping to spot one of you Giggle Gab contributors in the flesh!”

They did wrap a gift that I bought, and smiled while doing it.

Looking at the collection in the store made me think back to when my husband and I worked on our own baby registry list. Though baby gear in every category has evolved since then, one thing hasn’t changed. My husband does not want to carry around a diaper bag that looks like this.

(Although I like it very much.)

The bag that Giggle carries that I still vote for most enthusiastically — and my husband and I actually used — is the gender neutral Skip*Hop design that hasn’t changed in the eight years since I first selected a diaper bag. It’s a bit messenger bag in style and doesn’t scream “Mommy”.  And, it’s less than $60, while many other bags are over $100.

Now, we still have the question: is a diaper bag necessary? Why not use a backpack and stick a changing pad and some diapers inside? Even one of these cute little changing pad sets

What do you think? AmIRite? Is a diaper bag on the nice-to-have list or the must-have list? (Here’s my list of what you really need for a new baby.)

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