What’s in your stuffing?

I am a stuffing fiend. Turkey, meh. There, I said it.

Everything else (food, family, football etc.) ties for second place. Stuffing is the true star of the November holiday meal from where I sit. I eat several helpings of it at Thanksgiving dinner and hoard enough leftovers to eat huge scoops at lunch for a few days. Just thinking about its savory, bready goodness makes me happy.

When Pepperidge Farm® invited me to create an original stuffing recipe, I wanted to try. They gave me less than a week to perfect my recipe before sharing it here. In my experience, the herb seasoned stuffing blend with the traditional butter, celery, and onion is SUPER DELICIOUS already. So, I’m gonna need a little help to improve upon it. Whitney tells me she likes fruit in hers, but I don’t know if I can trust her on this one.

What do you like in your stuffing? Is there a secret ingredient? Or do you just follow the package directions and bliss out like me?


Pepperidge Farm is compensating me for my time and secret ingredients to tackle the Stuffing Recipe Challenge. Win win. Because I seriously love the stuff.

[photos from Pepperidge Farm ]