What’s a toddler pillow? (Giveaway!)

by Whitney Moss on January 13, 2011

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You know how some words seem really weird if you say them over and over again? Well, “toddler pillow” is one of those for me. I said it a bunch and then I started to wonder if it even is a thing. Toddlerpillow? But it is! It is a thing!

My kids both have toddler pillows on their toddler beds. It’s simple: just a mini-pillow for a mini-person. If your child will be napping at daycare, you might be asked to bring their bedding, and a mini pillow will be darn convenient. You know what will be even more convenient? If that pillow has your kiddos name embroidered on it, and so…

We are giving away a toddler pillow and personalized pillow case from BobbleRoos.com. Woohoo!

Wondering if your toddler needs a pillow? Wondering if it’s safe?

Renee, the owner of BobbleRoos.com and a mother of two, says:

We typically recommend our toddler pillows for 2 years and up and even then, it’s best to check with your pediatrician. Your child’s pediatrician will be up to date on changing safety recommendations and will also know your child’s heath history including any issues that may impact sleeping, allergies or asthma, etc. Many leading child developmental experts agree that it’s best to allow young children to sleep on a flat surface, and when you do introduce a pillow, choose one that is firm, yet flat – nothing too poofy or fluffy. Pick a pillow that is the right proportions for a child, like a 12 x 16 toddler pillow.

If you think about it, giving a small child an adult sized pillow is the equivalent of giving an adult a twin or crib mattress as a pillow!

Allowing your child to get attached to a pillow may help with a transition into a big-kid bed or with sleeping away from home. When Scarlett moved into her big girl bed, I took Julian with me to pick out fabric to make a pillowcase for her new big girl pillow. Hence, she has a hideous hot pink pillow case with electric guitars and hearts on it.  But one woman’s “hideous” is one little girl’s delight, and I’m not the one who is sleeping with it.

What you can win:

Enter to win a toddler pillow insert with a pillowcase of your choice, personalized with your child’s name. Click over to BobbleRoos and then comment and tell us what fabric you’d select if you win. That’s all you have to do to enter. On Tuesday, January 18, 2011, we’ll pick a winner at random.

photo of toddler: awmalloy on flickr

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