What to Wear: toddler camping version

Previously posted in July, 2010. That’s right, I’m on vacation!

Tennis shoes, flip-flops, water shoes: what’s a kid to wear on a camping trip?

My parents recently took my kiddos camping for three nights. (Yes, I know how incredibly lucky we are.) My step-mom reported back to me that the two pairs of shoes each child brought with them were just right for the great outdoors.Pair #1 are Crocs. My shorties both have this style of Crocs that I think look like cousins to Converse. They are appropriate for traipsing through creeks and swinging in hammocks. They are called Crocbands, and we are fans of playing Rock Band, so I think this shoe was meant-to-be in my household. Find them on Amazon.

Pair #2 are Ugg boot knock offs. Intended for the colder hours of the day, they look most fashionable when paired with red and black moose-themed pajamas. Find them on Amazon.

And that, my friends, is the sum total of the kid camping shoe packing list.

More camping wisdom: The one thing I wish I had on prior camping trips is a small potty chair. Even after Scarlett had been potty trained for a long time, she was — and still is — particular about the toilets she’ll use.  She’d rather pee in the bushes than use a toilet that flushes too loudly. When it comes to #2, we’ve learned she’d rather hold it for days than use a scary loo.  In the future, I’ll borrow a portable potty seat to take along.


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