What big-ticket baby item was “totally worth it”?

The expensive baby purchase that rookie moms declare totally worth the money

We asked our beautiful facebook community to chime in on what splurge of a baby gear purchase has been most worth the money. And you guys had some pretty strong opinions. [Side note: that’s why I love you guys.]

We love our strollers!

Speaking from firsthand experience as a person who tried to cheap-out on the stroller purchase, I understand why a good sturdy set of wheels can serve a new mama well. What works for me might not work for you though. Key factors include: where you live and how you get around (will it be chucked into a trunk, squeezed onto a bus, taken on trails, a little of everything?) as well as who will use it (long arms, short legs, need for a shopping basket or cup-holders, tag-alongs?).

BOB + other baby gear that was totally worth the splurge

Here are the ones you love:

BOB Revolution SE: for running and off-road stuff, this stroller holds its value and you can easily sell it for real money when you’re done. Likely to last a few years per child and hold up for a few kids. (Runs $350 – $450, now on sale for $368 on Amazon)

City Mini GT: smooth-moving all-terrain ride is perfect for narrow city doorways and transit. Folds quickly thus the storage basket is minimal. (Costs about $350 retail, on sale for $230). In a similar price range, the City Elite also got votes of loyalty.

Phil&Ted’s Navigator: This pretty stroller is best known for its bunking feature of stacking two little ones on top of one another. So clever. It also can extend further with a skateboard on back for older toddlers. No, none of these features comes for free. Sigh. (Runs about $500 for the base stroller)

Baby carriers are so worth it!

We cannot say enough good things about being hands-free with a baby carrier. Babies, even little ones, have strong preferences about how they are held. Consequently the worth-it purchase in my house may not translate at yours. Sorry. Good luck finding the one or two carriers that work for baby, parents, and future children.

This Ergobaby carrier + other baby gear that was totally worth the splurge

Here are the ones you love:

Ergobaby 360 and Ergobaby Original. Read Heather O’s recent experience with her new Ergo.
One of our longtime favorite carriers now comes with a forward-facing option. (Price ranges from $115 to $160 depending on features)

Tula Toddler Carrier: TULA Toddler Carrier is design to wear children from about 18 months (and/or about 25 pounds) to 4+ year old. Sawyer would dig this. Amazingly, Tula offers a rental program to get started testing the carrier. Rental fees can apply toward a purchase. (~$130)

lillebaby COMPLETE: six-position carrier comes in neutral and playful colors. Well-reviewed and washable. (Retail price ~ $115)

Other carriers you dig…

A few more tips

After you voiced your strong preferences for strollers and carriers, we heard a few other peeps of worth-it purchases.

Britax Marathon  + other baby gear that was totally worth the splurge

Britax Marathon Car seat: works well and safely from teeny newborn size on up to wiley preschooler size (5 pounds to 65 pounds!) every day for every car ride. Always buy car seats new!

MamaROO infant seat by 4Moms: this game-changing infant seat does everything but the dishes (like for real, it plays music, bounces, sways, vibrates, and even does that parent-bouncing-car-seat motion!). If you’ve got $250 for a glorified bouncy seat, you won’t be disappointed.

A really good mattress: for tired parents or co-sleeping families, you deserve the best mattress for your bodies! I cannot possibly link to one on Amazon. You need to go take a nap in a store to choose, many will deliver same day. Zzzzzzz

The good cloth diapers. You never seem to regret buying the really cute, absorbent ones. I wonder why.

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