What are “Curiosity Killed the Cat” and a yellow shirt?

download.jpgThey are the best and worst presents my husband ever got me.

For my birthday, while we were still new at the dating thing, Alec remembered an off-handed comment I made about a cool art piece in a cafe and chased down the artist on his own time to surprise me with it. I was so surprised and touched that it hardly matters that I also love it and think it’s hilarious. He scored big points for that birthday.

It proudly hangs on the wall near our front door. I smile inside whenever I see it.

And that yellow shirt? Well, my husband tends to hate shopping and gift-giving so much that I pretended to like it. Oh sure, it’s cute on the hanger or the drawer, but it’s yellow and looks really gross next to my skin. It also didn’t help matters that I had to be super duper pregnant to even fit in it, so I wasn’t exactly looking my best. Did I mention its sleeveless? And how my triceps could be in the best shape of my life from hefting myself in and out of bed while my upper arms managed to still look so doughy is one of life’s great mysteries.

So, when I read about GetInHerHead [via the ParentBloggers], I thought we could give it a try. It’s a handy website for people whose husbands, like mine, hate giving gifts (but still love their wives and are wonderful people). I forwarded the link to him yesterday morning and before lunch, he had already set us both up with accounts and filled in his own vital statistics (shoe size, trousers, shirt, etc.). If he likes it, I like it. I’ll report back after our anniversary or Christmas to see if it made any difference at all in his level of anguish for gift-giving.

Alec, if you’re still reading. I love the gps map toy and the mailboxtees you got me this year — you’re the best!