We’re going overseas. Destination, Denmark!

It is with much joy (and a tiny bit of terror) that I announce to you that we are taking both the kids on a huge trans-Atlantic airplane in less than a month!

What are we thinking?
What are we thinking?

Hooray! We are heading to Copenhagen to stay with a a dear college friend along with her tall husband and little son.
Oh dear! We are traveling day and night with two preschooler boys.

In the process of preparing, we’re buying guidebooks, downloading apps, making lists, and considering purchases (kid-size neck pillow worth it or just more crap?). See, I love packing almost as much as traveling.

I also love research and tips, so this is where you come in, oh wise readers. What are your favorite kid-friendly destinations in Copenhagen, daytrips worth visiting in Denmark, travel guides, products, and web resources that I must know about in the 18 days before I leave?

And now the back story…
On my first date with Alec, we talked about travel. We wooed each other with the exotic destinations that we’d visited that the other hadn’t yet. Thailand, Turkey, and Greece were under my belt, but Alec had me impressed with Kenya and Australia.

After about a year of dating, we started plotting our big adventure around the world. I posted a large map on the wall of our apartment and we circled any and all regions of interest. Some days, I would circle a city. Other times, a whole continent.

One thing led to another and our great journey became the MonsterMoon after our wedding. We chucked all our possessions in storage, gave up our adorable rent-controlled apartment, and went on indefinite leaves-of-absence from work to take our six month honeymoon around the world.

{Side note: thanks to many years of business trips, we only had to pay for one ticket}

We made it all the way to Swakopmund, Namibia before we discovered our little embryonic stowaway. Only two months into our trip. Ugh. And also blech. To this day, South African tea reminds me of my occasional morning sickness.

After falling asleep at dinner, puking behind gas stations, and being kicked off our safari leaving our safari early (for being a Malaria risk), we decided to end our trip early. In three months of travel, we explored parts of many countries (UK, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, South Africa, Namibia, Singapore). It would take years to go everywhere we wanted to.

So, we made a gentleman’s agreement that we would leave the country every year of our marriage. Then we gave ourselves a free pass for 2005 on account of the newborn. We barely made it to Mexico in 2006. Then we gave ourselves a free pass for 2007 on account of the second newborn. 2008, we almost went to Paraguay to visit my cousin. 2009 we didn’t quite make it to New Zealand because we added a second bathroom to the house. At this rate, we’re basically amortizing our honeymoon rather than actually taking trips.

No more! I booked tickets. We’re doing it. We may regret it, but we’re going.

Taking the boys overseas
Taking the boys overseas

When in doubt, just add cocoa. Right?