Welcome the newest rookie baby!

awaiting scarlettBorn on the Fourth of July.

I’m delighted to report that a healthy baby, Scarlett Lake, has joined the Rookie family as of this morning. Yep, a girl. A tiny little girl. I haven’t met her yet, but I heard she has a full head of dark hair.

Ryan called us at 7 am to report that they weren’t going to join us for breakfast because they would be having a baby instead.

I took this picture on Monday while everyone was enjoying some downtime — cuz you know how fun that ninth month of pregnancy is; from left: Holden, Whitney, (Scarlett,) Julian, Milo.

If you want to send her a message, use whitney @ rookiemoms.com. If you want to send her something in the mail, send me a message at heather @ rookiemoms.com and I will provide her address.