Welcome baby Sawyer

Sawyer was one day old

Yep, that’s my baby boy as photographed in the hospital last week. He’s a cuddly little guy that is happiest on me. Since he wasn’t due until next week, I’m trying to cut him a little slack on this point. Since he’s riding in the most awesome swing ever right now, I might have about seven minutes to type this up for you.

We already did the first of the rookie moms challenges on one of our recent super short walks through the neighborhood. I’m hoping to be a good example and do all 52. Yes, I’m that crazy. Speaking of crazy, I made it to Milo’s first day of preschool my third day home from the hospital (and totally regretted dragging swollen body out of bed) and Holden’s back-to-school night for first grade. Apart from these outings, I’m cocooning.