Welcome Baby Milo

Now officially a second-time mom, Heather called me at 6.45 this morning to report that she was at the hospital, “kickin’ it with her epidural” at 9 cm. Her OB would be there in a few minutes. Ninety minutes later, she called me to say she had a son, Milo Theodore, who was one-hour old.

This photo of Heather (and Milo) and Holden was taken on Saturday.

If you want to send her a message, use heather @ rookiemoms.com. If you want to send her something in the mail, send me a message at whitney @ rookiemoms.com and I will provide her address.

The whole Rookie Moms family is very excited about Holden’s baby brother. Julian already told me that Holden would hold the baby and then it would be Julian’s turn.