Weekly goal: pretending I don’t want more kids

Truth be told, I don’t know if we want more children. And not knowing really drives me crazy! I pride myself on being a decisive person.

When I got married, my husband and I both knew we wanted kids, so when Holden surprised us, we were blessed (and on track with the life plan). We knew we wanted more than one, so even though motherhood kicked me in the ass, we went for it again “before we could lose our nerve” and thus begat our baby bunch.

But beyond that… I have no idea! Well, I have many ideas, but no answer to the burning question.

… which brings me to the experiment and weekly goal. According to a pregnant friend of mine, if you’re wrestling with a difficult decision, Dr. Phil recommends living with each of the choices for a week and seeing how you feel at the end. Sounds like good advice.

So, here we go. In the totally indecisive state we’re in, we had to flip a coin to decide which week came first. Week One: “We’re totally content to have a family of this size”

Here are the advantages to capping our family at 2 kids [as if we have control over everything anyway]. We can:

  • fit into our same car, same house.
  • get rid of baby and maternity stuff that we’ve been keeping Just In Case.
  • start traveling as a family and as couple. Sooner. Now?
  • all fit into a roller-coaster car.
  • have a better chance of sleeping through the night and getting babysitters now and affording things like college later.

Ok, so there you have it. My true confessions. I’ll check back in next week when I’m all baby-crazy and so excited to pursue a bigger family. Hold me.

The momversation about having more kids really spoke to me (spoke to me just like the many many conversations I have with friends and strangers alike who touch off the topic whether or not they intend to).

If you’re wrestling with the HUGE life-altering question of whether to invent another person, have a watch. It won’t solve the problem for you, but it will give you a laugh and some companionship. I see that it’s one of the most watched momversation topics, so I must not be the only one.

Anyone else care to admit they’re wrestling with this situation?