We have arrived at BlogHer

After an exciting travel day, we arrived at BlogHer in time for the wrap up of our first party. The word for today is “intense“. I couldn’t stop using it.

Even getting here was intense. All of Oakland Airport was calmly evacuated after we had gone through the security checkpoint. Alarm sirens and flashing lights directed weary travelers to exit and wait en masse across the street. After a few minutes, every last person had to go through security yet again. I assume it was a false fire alarm but we never did find out the cause.

The swag bags at the Social Luxe Lounge parties were intense. The bag itself is very cool and it was packed to the brim with a shoulder-straining load of goodies including a Kodak pocket video camera thingie and more makeup than I already own have ever owned! Dang girls, you set the bar pretty high!

The size of the event is intense. I don’t want to paint the picture that we’re some olde timey bloggers of yore, but the first time we came to this conference in 2006, I think there were about 400 people and we were shy then. Now it’s more than 1400 registered participants plus a gajillion more support staff, spouses, and “lobbycon” folks. Eep. Being a sleepover guest rather than a go-home-at-night guest makes this year feel like a bigger deal too.

The main conference begins tomorrow, but there were three pre-parties to get things rolling or one giant progressive party with different themes and sponsors. I mentioned Social Luxe (missed the manicures, but got part of my arm sugared — ouch!) and then we headed to the People’s Party (performance by Chris Mann, really odd goodie bag) before completing the night at the sex-toy-themed Room 704 after-party (missed the bag but enjoyed a cosmo in a wine glass).

Most shocking part of the night for me was not seeing the streaker at the party but meeting two women who recalled things I’ve recently written.

I hope I’m not the goober that keeps saying “intense” all weekend but maybe I am. And maybe I’ll say goober all weekend too. Sweet, there goes my social anxiety again…