Watchin TV on the laptop all night long

Holden goes to bed around 7pm. In the olden days (like last month), we would tuck him in and then enjoy an evening in front of TiVo catching up on our favorite shows. Now, with a newborn in the house, we scramble as fast as we can to get in bed ourselves so we can maximize the possibility of eight (discontinuous) hours of sleep.

For the past couple of nights, when we wake to feed Milo, Alec busts out his laptop and one of the Netflix DVDs we have on hand, and we watch bit by bit in half-hour chunks throughout the night. Last night was Idlewild with the boys from Outkast. The night before was Eddie Murphy Delirious.

Who would have guessed it, but we found that the utter mindlessness of watching standup comedy was particularly well-suited to our zoned-out bleary-eyed state at 2am and then 5am. Though Idlewild was enjoyable enough, we noticed how much easier it was to follow something with no pretense of a plot; I could nod off for a bit and still catch Eddie’s next (tired) joke.

For other nighttime feeding (bite-sized) entertainment, try watching:

  • a comedy TV series like Scrubs or Entourage
  • an old favorite movie that you’ve seen a bazillion times
  • a collection of short films (we recently saw this year’s Oscar shorts)
  • a current show available online in bite-sized pieces, like Heroes on (beware the clunky interface! it will try your patience when you have none)
  • stand-up from funny newcomers like Demetri Martin or Eugene Mirman — get it on (sadly, audio with nothing to look at might put your mate to sleep)