Watch the butterflies flutter by

As much as Julian enjoyed observing caterpillars transform into chrysalises and then butterflies, I think Ryan and I were equally excited. Try the live butterfly garden in your house. You’ll love it – I promise.

How it works:

1. You purchase a kit which includes a mesh butterfly house, live caterpillars and their food.*
3. Observe for about a week and chrysalises will form on the roof of the container.
4. Move the liner of the container’s lid into the butterfly habitat and wait.
5. The butterflies will emerge from their cocoons after about one week.
6. Let them free in your garden.

Julian opened the container to let the butterflies free and they sat on his arm for a bit. He concluded with confidence, “They love me!”

*Note that if you buy your kit from a retail store or Amazon, it doesn’t come with the caterpillars, but rather a coupon that you mail in. Buy direct from the company Insect Lore to get it all in one bundle.

** No one paid me, gave me anything free, or asked me to write about this. I just really really liked it and think you might like it, too. In fact, I think if your child is too young to participate in this, it might qualify as a Father’s Day gift for a science geek-type.