Weekend outing: storytime at babyGap

Whitney is reading a modern twist on a classic children’s story as part of a great big awesome nationwide event to raise awareness and BOOKS for kids who otherwise wouldn’t have them. Awesome, right? She tells me that since The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit was written in British English, she’ll be donning an accent for the event. (Updated note from Whitney: NO I WON’T!)

And it is a fun outing for you and your little one.

Let me back up a minute though, have you heard of Milk+Bookies? So cool. Their sweet program organizes events like this for big companies and small birthday parties to reach as many book-needing children as possible. In this case, they’ve teamed up with babyGap to donate a whole big heap of books as well as kick off a commemorative literary line of clothing. To celebrate, friendly bloggers will be reading The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit all around the country. Stop by and bring a book to donate if you live near one of the events.

PeterRabbit reading in Corte Madera at babyGap

If you’re in the Bay Area, come see Whitney on January 26 in Corte Madera. 29 other participating locations are listed on their site including two more in the Bay Area. I’m trying to track down specific locations and other blogger participants but I have only found a few: Mommy Niri and Christine Koh are reading in the Boston Area; Anna Sandler is reading in Paramus, NJ; Jessica McFadden is reading in the DC area.

If you tweet, you can find details via the hashtag #babyGapPeterRabbit.