Vegas, babies. Or 25 potty-training products you didn’t know you needed.

3 sprouts hampers and other updates from ABC Kids Expo
I just returned from a 36 hour trip to Las Vegas for the ABC Kids Expo which is a huge trade show for kid and baby products. I had a lot of fun uploading photos to our Facebook page and Instagram as I went along and seeing what you all had to say. Now, I’m trying to decide which, of the many many topics I want to write about inspired by my trip, I should tackle first. Help me out, okay?

Here are the ideas I have for posts about what I saw and did. But first, I have to confess a failure.

I have never played blackjack with a live dealer in a casino– and it’s on my bucket list. After my first visit to Vegas in almost 10 years, I still haven’t. Boo for me. Serious lack of carpe diem, people.

I do want to go back to Vegas with my kids when the weather is better for swimming. There are so many marvelous man-made spectacles to enjoy. Plus, if we hit the Strip we can check off the Pyramids of Egypt, the Eiffel Tower, and the Empire State Building — all in one short day!

Ok, here are the articles you can nominate for me to write.

Note about the photo above: 3 Sprouts home organization products are super duper cute, and you can find some of it on giggle and some on Amazon.