Use Q-Tips as tiny swords

When we hosted a Q-Tips twitter party last month, Terri K (@tkharmonic) tweeted: I’d like to point out that Q-tips make excellent substitutes for swords as they fit well into the hands of most action figures.

Hilarious! And something I wanted to try.

I challenged my sons (and husband) to battle with Q-Tips as weapons, and they took it a few steps further by creating a comic strip of a battle among LEGO Star Wars characters and ships. The storyline and dialog are by my four- and six-year old but the comic software was wielded by Rookie Dad Alec.


Disclosure: this is a sponsored post by Q-tip as part of the Tipster Ambassador program. All opinions, creative ideas, and legos are ours. If you’re wondering, the comic strip was created by comiclife on the Mac.

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