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by on January 9, 2009

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My friend Jeanine is a very creative and cool mom. She plans outings and adventures that put me to shame (or if not shame, then some sort of unintended mommy guilt), so I was surprised when she invited our gang of mom friends to take our 3 year olds to a matinee of Tales of Desperaux.

My first instinct was that if Jeanine and Pepper were going, it must be good. But then another mom friend, Jennifer, said she heard that it was too scary and bailed out last weekend. Then again, another Jennifer I knew already took her daughter (barely 4). So, which Jennifer is a mom like me supposed to believe?!

My husband told me about Common Sense Media for trying to make these kind of decisions. Its perfect when trying to figure out whether Nemo is too scary (yes, it is for us), Desperaux too tragic (yes, it is for us), or Dora too sophisticated (no, but it drives me bonkers so we opt out) for your three year old.

Common Sense Media

Do a quick search on any TV show or movie that you’re thinking of plopping your kid in front of and find out the quick and dirty details without having to preview everything first. I mean, are you really going to go to all these movies yourself first?!! Go on, test it out and let me know what you think.

What shows does your kid love right now? Anything that you thought was fine but totally just failed the challenge?

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