Note to self: reflections on two under two

Holden is twenty-three months old and seems to be blossoming into a very boisterous kid. Milo is about six and a half weeks now; he’s sleeping somewhat peacefully in the other room and I figure I have a few minutes (if I’m lucky) to jot down some random thoughts for posterity.

The dishwasher and washing machine are both humming along. If I can brush my teeth soon, I’ll have all the bases covered.

  • It is not linear. I used to tell Alec this about baby Holden when bad nights would follow good nights. We can’t expect better days to follow good days. Usually bad nights follow good nights and bad days follow good days. It keeps us humble and it keeps the children from behaving too predictably.
  • Sleep is slowly consolidating. Now that I’ve put it out there that I don’t expect constant improvement, maybe I’ve allowed myself to say that last night was a good night. I had a six hour stretch between feedings. Sure, Milo slept all of that and at 2am I snuck into his room (our office) and slept on the couch because I expected him to awaken any minute. The 2am feeding was at 4am. Hope I don’t jinx the continuous improvement I’m expecting.
  • Nursing takes a lot of time. Yesterday, I experimented with single-side feeding and shortening up the feeding times (from a half hour) to whenever he seemed to lose interest. Consequently, I went from nursing about 9 times to nursing about 11 times. Improvement? I’m not so sure. But I was able to nurse while supervising two rowdy toddler boys eating snacks and play running games at the same time.
  • Second babies go lots of fun places. Sure, they may not really appreciate it, but Milo has been to the zoo, music class, the steam trains, and many playdates already.

Holden’s been asleep for more than two hours. It’s my bedtime; and, if I’m lucky, it’s Milo’s too.