Two crafty mama birthday parties

My son’s birthday is next week, so I have parties on my mind. Since we are just having his BFF’s family over for pizza and pumpkin carving, I figure I can bite off something a little more time consuming in terms of favors, given that the guest list is so tiny.

I saw two swoon-worthy parties documented on blogs this week and although neither is something I can copy for Julian’s birthday, I bet a whole lot of you are going to lurve what Wendy and Mena have come up with. Also, I am delighted by the symmetry of this post since one of them is tastefully girly and one is charmingly boyish.

Penelope’s It’s a Small World Party

mena trott's bday party

Mena created a backdrop for the party table, made cupcake toppers, personalized favor bags and more. Inspired by the ride at Disneyland, she brought the doll theme to life beyond belief. She has both vision and endurance, so be prepared to be blown away, by how thoroughly she carried through the It’s A Small World theme. See more of this party >

Wyatt’s Robot Party

wendy's robot bday for wyatt

My friend Wendy busted out some mad creative skills to produce a robot-themed party for her son’s fifth birthday. Although Wyatt is a big boy, I think this would be cute for a first or second birthday, too. Maybe even for a 36th birthday, for the right guy. Wendy made invitations, goody bags, and an amazing robot cake. In the post on her site, she includes links for you to download her graphics for your own use. What an open source girl! (Sorry, nerd joke.) See more of this party>