Two construction workers in love

We have a new toy. It’s a really cool construction-themed remote control thingy-doo, but that’s not what this post is about. It’s a love story. 

Scarlett is really enjoying this toy.  She is two-and- a-half.  She loves stuffed animals and baby dolls, and recently told me a nerf bat was “beautiful” because it was hot pink with purple swirly designs, so I get a little excited when she wants to play with vehicles.


When Scarlett plays with our Thomas train tracks, she pretty much girlies up the play pattern to the point where you might ask why she doesn’t just play with her beloved baby dolls. She puts the trains in the shed and then tells you that it’s the train’s bedroom, the train is going to sleep, and everyone needs to be quiet now because her train is having a nap. Then, she shushes the other mom who is at my house on a playdate, reminding her that the TRAINS are SLEEPING.

So it was not terribly surprising when her focus on this construction set shifted to the figurines, two construction workers, who came with the set.


“Here, Mommy,” she thrust the little men into my hands. “Make dis one’s arm go around dat one’s neck.”

The half-hug. This is a position that she and her brother like to adopt when they are singing together or watching television. Um, ok. But toy construction men are not built for casual stance that says, “Hey, we’re just waiting at the Muni stop to go watch Glee at Steven and Stephen’s house.”

“I can’t,” I told her. “But maybe they can hold hands.”


“Dis one wants to talk to dat one,” she said.

“What do they want to talk about?” I asked.

“Dey’re talking about night-night.”


I’ll bet they are.