Try Potching

My stepmom (aka Grandma Leslie) introduced Julian to the kitchen counter at her house, way before it would have occurred to me.

Bring a stool to your empty kitchen sink and let your toddler climb up. Fill the sink with warm soapy water, plastic cups, utensils, etc. Let your toddler pretend to make something or wash dishes. For some reason my little man likes to say he’s washing dishes. Far be it from me to inform him that washing dishes ain’t fun.

I have been surprised at how long this can occupy a person who is between two and three feet tall. He would like to “wash dishes” next to anyone who is actually washing dishes.

How to not trip over your toddler? Let him stand next to you while you do things in the kitchen.

Alex, who introduced me via her blog, to the term “potching” says, “I can pretty much guarantee that it will make a gigantic mess. The good news is that mess is just soapy water and wet utensils so it will eventually dry on it’s own.”

My unprofessional opinion is that if your child is walking, she is old enough to try this one.