Activity #182: Try a food 5 times

In my house, dinner’s not over till the fat man throws a significant amount of food on the floor. Usually a spoon or bowl, too. I have no idea if this is rejection of the food itself or of the activity we English speakers call “eating.” Anyhow, before you decide that your kid hates sweet potatoes or prunes, make sure she tries the food about five times.

I think The Experts say that it takes a few tries to acquire the taste for something new, and with a 10-month old, it might be the unfamiliar taste or it might just be a temporary protest against eating.

The side of a Gerber jar claims 10 times is reasonable; I think they just want you to buy more food, though.

I have also been known to give the same food for dinner as lunch. In our culture it’s perfectly common to say “Not Mexican for dinner; I had a burrito for lunch!” Babies are not that discriminating.