Is that a Travel Boppy?

“Is that a travel Boppy?” the other mom said to me with obvious envy. We had both just emerged from a five-hour flight, I with my three sons and she with her nine-month old. I nodded as I jiggled Sawyer in the front carrier and tried to get the bigger boys to sit still while we waited for Alec to reclaim the gate-checked stroller and car seat. [Sorry I don’t have a photo of me in this scenario. Honestly, who would have taken it?]

She continued, “Wow, I just sat on this flight with him in my lap and my wrists and hands falling asleep.”

In that moment, I wanted to give her my Boppy travel pillow (available for order at to save a rookie mom from the plight of not being able to adjust her arms during a cross-country flight for fear of waking a sleeping baby. But I also want to save it for myself for next time. Sorry, lady.

Folded, about the size of a big purse, but super light

Yes, it’s just one more thing to carry. But it’s a really lightweight thing that has a strap and easily clips to other things. Once you make it onto the airplane, it unfolds into a nearly full-size nursing pillow that can clip around your waist giving the babe a comfy place to lay down.

Open, about the size of a regular Boppy but squishier

Great for new moms who need a nursing pillow on a trip or any baby mama who doesn’t buy an airplane seat for the kiddo.

Thanks to Boppy for sending me one to test and one for a reader giveaway.