Tour a factory

In Draper, UT, Stephanie’s moms group enjoyed touring the Sweet Candy Factory with their kids and babies. Look at all those future candy eaters! Steph’s daughter, Brynn, is the one in the yellow jacket.

A factory tour is something I’ve thought would be fun, but I’m not really sure how many of them are baby friendly. Due to noise, chemicals, and other safety issues, some factory tours don’t want kids. Stephanie has rekindled my interest, especially if I can wear a hairnet like she did.

At the Jelly Belly Factory, where I toured on my 26th birthday while playing hooky from work, we wore paper hats. A similarly exciting effect. (Check it out if you are in the greater Bay Area.)

For big kids, you might want to do something kid-related like a teddy bear factory or the Crayola factory. With infants, follow the Rookie Moms mantra and do what YOU want to do. Wine? Chocolate? Beer? TV-Based Shopping Networks? With the baby in a front carrier, she won’t even mind that you are interrogating the tour giver with questions about production efficiencies. (Oh, that would be Heather.)

Visit to get some ideas.

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