Too cool for preschool? Not me… I wish!

hipster mom and babeTime Magazine has created a little blogosphere hullaballoo of late with this article about hipster parents and the babies who love them.

Our site attempts to find a balance between being a good parent and remembering/reclaiming yourself as a fun person, but since my writing partner is the hipper of the two of us, I have no illusions about myself.

Asha wrote about a year ago about the cool moms and the notso-cool moms in The Blogging Mom Clique; anyone can join and I think she nailed it. We’re just trying to figure it all out as we go.

I woke up last night thinking about Socrates… well, not exactly him, but the quote “An unexamined life is not worth living” — and it totally makes sense to me that for some people — single, fun, world-traveling, concert-going hipsters — that find themselves as parents later in life, there’s not really much of a road map. Our own parents were generally much younger when they went through this. And who’s to say if our key-party, drinking-during-pregnancy, plaid-wearing parents wouldn’t have been so publicly self-reflective if they had blog software at their disposal?!

All that being said, I better get back to adding the Eels to my birth mix on my itunes… last time the delivery nurses really liked my mix and I have a rep to uphold. 😉