Tip from a cheap-ass dad

Apparently our theme for the month is frugality. We didn’t plan this, but it keeps coming up.

My new friend Greg told me that it’s one of his secondary missions in life to be mentioned on my web site. If it doesn’t happened, he threatened, he’s going to start his own site called “CheapAssDad.com.”

I ran into him during lunchtime the other day at a fancy European-style market hall, where most folks are tempted to put together a delicious lunch at a salad bar, for a pretty high price per pound. Greg was proudly toting a bag of green beans and a whole carrot that he selected from the regular bulk produce area of the store.

“Why should you pay salad bar prices for these vegetables?” he questioned.

Hopefully this question is rhetorical because I would be embarrassed to tell him that the salad bar just feels more inviting than his big unwashed carrot and unsnapped green beans. More than anything, however, I was just pleased to see a man choosing raw vegetables to go with his lunch over a bag of chips. Congratulations to Greg’s mom for raising such a good boy.