Tiny Prints wishes you many more birthdays (sponsored)

Tiny Prints has teamed up with the American Cancer Society (ACS) to fight for more birthdays and less cancer. I don’t talk about it much, because the C-word makes people sad and turns the conversation awkward — SPOILER ALERT — but here goes:

I wish my sons could have met their grandpa rather than just seeing old photos. My dad lost his battle with cancer fourteen years ago this fall. If he had gotten those additional birthdays, he would have met my boyfriend Alec; walked me down the aisle at our wedding; been shocked that our honeymoon included the whole wide world; loved meeting his first grandson; kept ESPN on the TV all the time; high-fived me for having two sons (“Boys are easier,” he used to say); laughed to see me turn into such a foodie snob after my teen years of Twinkies and Oreos; and been crazy proud to see me as a mother of three boys.

I miss him extra in October because of his birthday, the anniversary of his death, and the beginning of the holidays. Of course, I miss him other times too like when I eat a good steak, get in a traffic accident, see Holden’s smile, or look too long at Milo’s curls.

When you buy a card from the ACS collection, some of your purchase price will support the more birthdays mission of helping people stay well and get well from cancer, finding cures and fighting back against the disease. From now until April 30, 2012, the Tiny Prints more birthdays card collection will be available at tinyprints.com.

Disclosure: This sponsored post was written in conjunction with the American Cancer Society/Tiny Prints card collection launch. All content, opinions, sad stories, and wishful thinking expressed here are my own.