Activity #78: Count the minutes

Beep, beep. When Holden hears my watch sound, he knows it’s time to eat. At least I think he does, because he’s so dang smart.

Timex Women\'s 1440 Sports Magnetism Watch #T5B821When he was very new and I was overwhelmed and sleep-deprived and couldn’t honestly tell you whether he had eaten 30 minutes ago or 4 hours ago, Alec started timing feedings with his digital watch. If you start the stopwatch setting when you start the feeding, then the “baby clock” will always tell you when baby last ate. When Alec returned to work, I got my own Timex (as purchased online during a 2am feeding).

  1. Stop the stopwatch
  2. Clear the stopwatch
  3. Start the stopwatch

Easy. Obsessively writing these things down is still optional.