Tie-dye and other things you don’t have time for

tie-dye kit

Today at work I showed a friend a funny video of my kids sharing a popsicle. I had added subtitles to my 2-year old’s dialogue for the benefit of the viewers.

“I’m such a bad mom,” my friend sighed. “I don’t do this.”

“You don’t let them share popsicles?” I asked, puzzled by how her five-month old, not yet on solids, might be expected to share a frozen treat.

“I don’t take videos. I don’t do anything with our pictures.”

Ah, yes, I thought. You are obviously a terrible mom. Here you are, spending another day at work (so that your boys may one day go to college), having spent the first part of your morning taking them both to their well-check appointments (so that a doctor can make sure they are developing on track). Clearly, you are a crappy mom.

It made me wonder if the crafts and activities I post here make other people feel like they are slackers. My intent is to inspire you, dear rookie moms, but if you interpret these suggestions as hints at your inadequecies, I apologize.

Are you a bad mom? Here’s a quiz to help you find out.

  • Have you been looking for a tutorial on how to tie-dye clothes for your babe? No? You suck.
  • Are you willing to produce a handmade collage to put a new twist on family photos? Hmm, not willing? Not good.
  • If you believe that our children inherit the earth, surely you will stop using plastic sandwich baggies and start using reusable cloth sacks. Not gonna happen? I’m writing you up.
  • You don’t want to expose your children to plain, unembellished dish towels, do you? You do?!

SCORING: If you are reading a parenting-themed website, you are probably a Really Good Mom. If you are excited about any of my links, then I am a Really Good Blogger. Now if you want to be a Great Mom, like me, go get your video camera. Apparently it’s that easy.

If you’re still feeling inadequate, you should read this book.

photo credit: wendolonia