Thursday Thirteen: It IS easy being green

One thing I like is that being cheap and being green can go hand in hand. Unfortunately, being lazy doesn’t always. Here are some little things you can do without a ton of effort.

1. don’t take an ATM receipt
2. turn off the tap when you brush your teeth
3. bring reusable bags to the grocery store if you can remember
4. use a travel coffee mug instead of the paper ones – just carry it with you
5. throw a clothing swap
6. try swaptree to get rid of books you don’t want and get some new ones
7. buy or borrow the green book for hundreds of simple ideas big and small
8. get and use cloth napkins
9. make use of goodwill, freecycle, and craigs list to keep your crap out of the landfill
10. buy local toys
11. use greener cleaning products
12. make baby food or buy big jars of organic applesauce or containers of full-fat yogurt
13. walk, bike, use the internet (good job!)

See more silly and serious lists at or make your own.