Thursday 13: Reasons it’s better with a 13 month old this time around

Today at Totland playground, I was reflecting that when Holden was this age (13 months), I was just a little bit pregnant and about to go down the path of being pregnant with a young toddler on my way to two under two.

Wow, what was I thinking? And what will I think of next?

I started to brainstorm about what’s just a little better this time around.

  1. No morning sickness
  2. I don’t worry whether Milo will walk or not walk. I know some day he will and I think it’s kinda cool he takes his time about it.
  3. Likewise, I don’t stress about whether he’ll talk or not. He’ll get there. I could live without the screeching and pointing but I’m pretty sure it’s temporary.
  4. Holden is an amazing big brother; he sees that Milo is learning so much and he’s patient to teach him things, model being the big boy, and generally boss him around.
  5. I love to see the brotherly love.
  6. We’re all sleeping better.
  7. Milo’s got a sweet laugh and he really lights up when he sees his dad.
  8. Balls. Milo loves ’em and he’s lucky because we have ’em in stock.
  9. Gear. Like with balls (or any toys), we’re pretty well stocked up and don’t have to run out to buy much — except diapers.
  10. Clothes. See balls and gear. We’re lucky to have Holden’s hand-me-downs plus Julian’s. Yay!
  11. No anticipation of being 9 months pregnant with a 20 month old (granted, I didn’t really know what to anticipate, but now that I do, whew, I think I’ll avoid that situation if I can).
  12. Music Together. Silly but true. I’m glad we’re doing it again, because H liked it so much.
  13. I can fit into my clothes again.

Plus I have all those mushy love feelings whenever I think of them, look at pictures of them, or visit them sleeping.