This one goes out to the parents who replace jackets each week

This post is inspired by my son and sponsored by eBay.

Rookie Moms collection of neon jackets on eBay

One of my children loses his jacket A LOT. Like a lot a lot. Consequently, I have developed a few tricks for both keeping track of his layer and replacing it wisely.

Here are my best practices:

  1. Goodbye black hoodie, hello neon. Buy only the brightest, most distinctive outer layers you can find. Choose something that will be visible from half a mile away that you can always pick out of the Lost+Found bin.
  2. Label like you mean it: Last name, first name, phone number. I had a friend call last night to tell me she saw Holden’s sweatshirt at our after-school program and grabbed it for me. Hooray, the system is working!
  3. Give the kid a monetary incentive. I buy the first two layers of the new school year; after that he splits the cost of the next two; after that, it’s on him. We started this program in first grade (yes, he gets an allowance).
  4. Purchase inexpensive sweatshirts that you can bear to part with. I would call them “disposable” but that seems a little harsh.

In keeping with tips one and two, I started a collection on ebay of sweatshirts and jackets that are virtually lose-proof along with a  few accessories to embellish one you might already have (day-glo letters and light-up piping to name a couple).

Rookie Moms collection of neon jackets on eBay

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This post is inspired and sponsored by eBay. Creating collections is wicked fun and we’re creating a heap of other collections for parents and kids.

Do you have any suggestions for buying smart or keeping the layers we have?